Unlocking Efficiency: Tackling challenges of modern automation with a Warehouse Control System

Photo: Körber Supply Chain Software
Photo: Körber Supply Chain Software

What are the benefits of a WCS and how can it support automated warehouses to be more efficient? 

In this webinar, Laurent Jarawski (CIO at C-Log) and Gábor Landstoff (Senior Product Manager WCS at Körber) will explain how a WCS helps to: 

  • achieve inventory sovereignty by managing and optimizing complex inventory – from a high-bay warehouse area to a complex shuttle system 
  • optimize throughput and deliver operational efficiency by connecting material handling equipment from multiple vendors 
  • improve transport routes or interleavings by means of algorithms 
  • utilize the system capacity most efficiently by leveraging the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) principle 
  • get real-time visibility into your warehouse operations, enabling you to make data-driven decisions, optimize workflows, and adapt to changing demands on the fly 
  • The speakers will be:

  • Laurent Jarawski, Chief Information Officer, C-Log
  • Gábor Landstoff, Senior Product Manager WCS, Körber Supply Chain Software
  • Moderated by:

  • Gunnar Knüpffer, Editor LOGISTIK HEUTE

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