AutoStore System - Cube Based Storage & Picking. AutoStore Designs & Concepts for Future Warehousing

AutoStore is an efficient storage and order picking system for single items and small cases. Robots with transport and lifting functionality operate the system. Equipped with a lift, they retrieve the required bins from the AutoStore grid and present them at the integrated picking stations, led by a controls and location management system.

With more than 270 projects worldwide, Swisslog is the leading AutoStore expert and knows the challenges our customers face. System easily integrates into other Swisslog subsystems including conveyors, robots and software, thanks to predefined standards. Ready for future growth: AutoStore can be used with manual picking stations or combined with Swisslog’s ItemPiQ robot cell, giving you the option to automate picking step-by-step.

Integrated into Swisslog’s Software SynQ. In addition to the core processes you get access to analytical tools. These will help you evaluate better and make smart decisions in your warehouse. Proven algorithms, processes and ergonomic operator screens enable maximum performance from the overall system. Standard connection to SAP/EWM ensures reduced integration costs and increased flexibility in labor planning.


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