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Zu den Abkürzungen gehören Akronyme, Kurzwörter, Initialwörter, Buchstabenketten und Kürzel. Was man abkürzt, ist auch gesellschaftlich bedingt. Daneben gibt es Abkürzungen, die nur in einem bestimmten Umfeld verwendet werden, wie zum Beispiel in einem Fachgebiet. Abkürzungen sind Schreib- und Leseerleichterungen, sie dienen der schnelleren und konzentrierteren Kommunikation. Außerdem dienen Abkürzungen auch der Platzersparnis, z. B. in gedruckten Lexika (Quelle: Wikipedia).

Klicken Sie auf auf einen Buchstaben, um alle Abkürzungen anzuzeigen, die mit diesem Buchstaben beginnen:

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Consumer to Business
Consumer to Consumer

 Car to Car Communication Consortium

Currency Adjustment Factor and Bunker Adjustment Factor
Computer Aided Engineering
Currency Adjustment Factor
IATA-Cargo Automatic Identification Working Group
Container Announcement List
Computer Aided Loading
Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistic Support
1. Computer Assisted Ordering
2. Computer Aided Office Automation
3. Computer Aided Ordering
4. Cargo Aircraft Only
1. Common Agricultural Policy
2. Computer Aided Planning
Computer Architecture for Production Information Systems in a Competitive Environment
Computer Aided Process Planning
Computer AIDED Production Scheduling and Control
Computer Aided Quality
Computer Aided Quality Control
1. Collision Avoidance System
2. Computer Assited Ordering
3. Computer Aided Storage
Computer and Automated Systems Association
Computer Aided Software Engineering
Cargo Accounts Settlement System
1. Computer Aided Testing
2. Computer Aided Technology
Container Bahnhof
Confederation of British Industry
Computer Based Training
Completely Build up
1. Charges collect
2. Carbon Copy
3. Converted to full Cellular
Controlled Carrier Bill
Customs Cooperation Council Nomenclature
Closed Customer Group
Comitè consultatif international telegraphique et telephonic
Caribbean Common Market
Critical Chain Project Management
1. Cargo Community System
2. Consolidated Container Service
Common Customs Tariff
Closed Circuit Television
1. Cross Docking
2. Collection against Documents
Central Distribution Center
Commitee of experts on the transport of Dangerous Goods
1. Cross-Docking Punkt
2. Consumer Demand Planning
Communautès europèennes

 Collaborative Engineering

Commission of the European Economic Communities
Central and Eastern Europe
Centre europèen des fèdèrations de l`industrie chimique, Zurich
Central European Free Trade Agreement
Core European Implementation Guidelines
Confèrence europèenne des Ministres des Transports
Collaborative Enterprise Network System
Comitè Europèen de Normalisation Electrotechnique
Council of European and Japanese National Shipowners Association
Chief Executive Officer
1. Common External Tariff
2. Central Europe Time
Collaborative Filtering
1. Collaborative Freight Management
2. Continuous Flow Mangement
Cost and Freight
Container Freight Station
Cargo`s proportion of General Average
Carrier`s Haulage
Cargo Handling Charges
Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool
1. Consular Invoice
2. Corporate Identity
3. Certificate of Insurance
Computer integrated automatic manufacturing
1. Cost Increase Charge
2. Customer Interaction Center
Container Information Control System
Container Inland Distribution Account
CIM System with Distributed Data Base and Configurable Moduls
Cost, Insurance, Freight
Computer Integrated Manufacturing

 Computer Integrated Manufacturing

1. Carriage and Insurance paid to...
2. Computer Integrated Processing

 Center für industrielle Produktion der TU Darmstadt

Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply
Commercial interest reference rate
Convention of international Sale of Goods
Civil Juridication and Judgements Act

 Completely knocked down

Container Load
Cordless Local Aerea Network
Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage
Council of Logistics Management
Client Reporting
Customer Lifetime Value
Category Management

 Change Management Backbone and Control

1. Consignment Master Document
2. Combined Master Document
1. Comitè maritime international
2. Co-Managed Inventroy
Convention Marchandise Routiere
1. Container Motor Ship
2. Content Management System
Consignment Note
Computer(-ized) numerical control
Compressed Natural Gas
Confèrence des Nation Unies sur le Commerce et le Dèveloppement

 Common Object Request Architecture

1. Cash on Delivery
2. Change of Destination
Conference on Data System Languages
Customer order decoupling point
Certificates of Financial Responsibilities
Cost Of Goods Sold
Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
Component Object Model
Combined Bulk and Oil Carrier
Combined Container and Ro-Ro-Ship
Clip-on unit
Charger Party
Continuos Price Arrangements
1. Collaborative Product Commerce
2. Certificate of Professional Competence
Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment
1. Consumer Product Goods
2. Consumer Packaged Goods
Certified in Production and Iventory Management

 Cyber Physical Logistics System

Critical Path Method

 Cyber-physische Produktionsprozesse

Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment

 Cyber-physisches System

Carriage paid to
Central processing unit
Capacity Planning Volume
Computer-Aided Quality Assurance
Customary Quick Dispatch
Current Rate
Current Record of Area
Consumer Response Centre
Customer Relationship Management
1. Capacity Requirements Planning
2. Current Record of Record
3. Continuous Replenishment Programm
Current Record of Set
Cathode ray tube
Convention on Civil liability for damage caused during carriage od dangerous goods
Current Record of Run Unit
Cost Structur Analysis
1. Container Service Charge
2. Convention for Safe Containers
3. Customer Service Center
Cold Storage and Distribution Federation
Critical Success Factors
Container Security Initiative

 Center for Strategic and International Studies

Cargo Supervisory Organization
Customer Service Provider
1. Corporate Social Responsibility
2. Container Situation Report
Customer Synchronized Resource Planning
1. Cascading Style Sheets
2. Controlling-Support-System
Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate
Customs Status
1. Community Transit
2. Conference Terms
Combined Transport Document
Constructive Total Loss
Capacity Ton Mile
Combined Transport Operator

 Cyber-tronische Systeme

Container Umschlag Platz
Customs Cargo Report Message
Commercial Weight
Central Warehouse
cash with order
Company Wide Quality Control
Container Yard

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